Total Green Building Services: Concrete, Driveways and Patios in Murfreesboro, Nashville and Smyrna
Total Green Building Services: Concrete, Driveways and Patios in Murfreesboro, Nashville and Smyrna

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Concrete in Nashville

No matter what you are planning to build in the Nashville area, you are making a serious mistake if you are not considering to build it with concrete. Concrete has been and continues to be one of the most popular construction materials in the world thanks to the unparalleled durability and strength it offers for the minimal cost.

Of course, getting the strongest and most durable concrete isn’t as simple as picking up a bag of instant concrete and laying it down. There is a technique required to achieve the right balance of cement, sand, water and aggregate. And to make sure it’s perfect, it’s your worth your while to hire a team of professionals who like nothing more than to pour the right balance of ingredients and create things that are guaranteed to withstand all types of weather, foot traffic, automotive traffic, extreme heat and whatever else life throws at it.

When you need concrete mixed and poured with confidence the next time you have a commercial or residential construction project in the Nashville area, make sure you call Total Green Building Services. With over 30 years’ worth of experience working with concrete, the Total Green Building Services team guarantees that whatever you hope to build with concrete in the Nashville area will be done with the utmost care to assure its quality and longevity.

To request a free quote on our concrete services, call (615) 988-8000 to speak with the Total Green Building Services team directly.

Stained and Stamped Concrete Services

There are plenty of people who have misconceptions about concrete as a construction material. Yes, they know all about the unrivaled durability, strength and cost effectiveness that comes with choosing concrete, yet they hesitate to use it simply because they are worried that they will have to surrender the esthetics they had in mind. The truth is, choosing concrete does not mean whatever you are building has to be flat, gray and plain.

When you work with Total Green Building Services, you are working with a concrete company that thrives when working with stained and stamped concrete. Stained and stamped concrete allows us to create all kinds of interesting colors, patterns and textures. If you want to build a new driveway or patio that’s made natural stone, but you can’t afford it, our concrete experts can stain and stamp the concrete in a way that professional masons may not even notice the difference.

Concrete Repairs

Just because concrete is one of the most durable building materials doesn’t mean it’s completely invincible. After many years of standing up to wear and tear, occasionally concrete will crack, sink or become pitted.

Luckily, it’s nothing that concrete experts at Total Green Building Services can’t handle. Whenever your concrete has visible signs of damage, just give us a call, describe the state it’s in and we will know exactly what to do to fix it.

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If you are in Nashville and think you could use a new driveway or repair to your current one, then you can count on Total Green Building Services to get the job done at a fair price.